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What you need to know about Chapter 8.

What you need to know about Chapter 8.

Vehicle lighting

Any vehicle working on the highway must be fitted with a number of beacons and/or lightbars and additional repeater warning lights where required (particularly for larger vehicles where visibility may be impaired, or for traffic management vehicles).

As a minimum you will require;

A roof-mounted flashing amber warning lightbar (comprising at least two independent light sources) or two independent roof-mounted flashing amber warning beacons, visible through 360°.

Roof-mounted flashing amber warning beacons must comply with the requirements of the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations and should also comply with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Regulation 65 on Special Warning Lamps.

If the main roof-mounted beacon is likely to be obscured from the rear by parts of the vehicle or any equipment carried on the vehicle, additional lighting should be fitted toward the rear of the vehicle where they will remain visible.

Vehicle markings

Part 2, Section 5.2 of the Chapter 8 regulations state that in addition to vehicles being of a conspicuous colour, vehicles should be fitted with the following markings;

  • Chevron markings comprising alternate strips of red reflective and fluorescent yellow non- reflective material, of not less than 150mm width each inclined at 45 60 degrees to the horizontal and pointing upwards, or;
  • A solid block of red reflective material.
  • Maintenance vehicles shall be identified by displaying to the rear, the sign HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE. MOTORWAY MAINTENANCE may be used instead when working on motorways only. They should be sized at either 70mm or 140mm dependent on the size of the vehicle (contact us for help).
  • Amber conspicuity tape must be used along the side of any traffic management or maintenance vehicle.


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