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Seeker 10 X High Performance LED Driving Work Lamp Light Bar

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£234.99 - £234.99
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The Seeker range of high performance LED forward lighting offer industry leading, award winning and unparalleled work lighting. Designed in Finland, the Seeker has been created to withstand the harshest of weather conditions to ensure you can see ahead.

The Seeker 10 X features an integrated front position lamp (side light).

Main features:

  • 12/24V dual voltage

  • 40W output

  • 4 x 8.5W LEDs

  • Specially designed optical system

  • Unbreakable polycarbonate lens

  • Adjustable mounting options

  • ECE R112, R7 and R10 approved

  • IP68 rated

  • 3520 lumen output

  • Current draw: 0.89A / 0.89A

  • Heavy duty aluminium housing

  • Dimensions 245 x 103 x 72mm

  • Supplied with Deutsch connector