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LAP Corner LED Flashing Strobe Light Head
LAP Electrical
LAP Corner LED Flashing Strobe Light Head

These super bright CLED6 Strobe Lights are ideal for all types of vehicles or where covert looks and warning power are important on work vehicles, offering 180 degree light output.

These surface mounted LED lights are ideal for plant, commercial and private vehicles including Highways, Responders, Security Vehicles and larger work vehicles.

Fitted with six powerful 3W LEDs, you can change and configure the flash pattern and even synchronise them with other heads of the same type. Made with a metal housing, for durability.

Suitable for 12v and 24v operation as they are dual voltage (10-30v). ECE R65 approved when using the single flash pattern.

• Dual Voltage (10-30V)
• Amber
• Ultra bright 3W LEDs
• ECE EMC R10 approved
• ECE R65 approved (single flash mode only)
• IP65 Rated ingress protection
• 11 flash patterns
• 'L' Shaped bracket included
• Optional variable angle mount bracket available
• 2 Year warranty
Further information
▸ LAP Electrical
▸ 0.450 kg.
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